Best of Losinj

The isle of Lošinj is in the Croatian Kvarner Bay. A long time ago Lošinj was merged with Cres, but back in the Roman days a channel was dug in order to shorten the route from the ports towards the open sea. The island houses around 8.000 citizens, and most of them live in a town of Mali Lošinj (Little Lošinj). The isle of Lošinj has pleasant and mild climate, rich and diverse vegetation and a crystal clear see. This potential of this place was recognized a long time ago, therefore it has a status of a climatic health resort since 1892.

The shoreline of Lošinj offers many beautiful sunny beaches. One of the most renown is the beach “Veli Žal“, located in the Sunny Bay. You can get there in about 20 minutes on foot from the town center. This very beach also received the Blue Flag beach award – the international acknowledgement for quality of service and purity of the sea. Thick pine forest surrounds the beach and provides shade in hot summer days. There are several other breathtaking beaches from which we would like to emphasize the Čikat inlet.

The island is tourism oriented, therefore it has more than enough accommodation capacities. You can choose among rich offer of hotels, private accommodations, camps, or luxurious villas. Most hotels are located in the town of Mali Lošinj while camps are spread around the island.

Another aspect of Lošinj you will enjoy is the cuisine, filled with tastes and scents of the Mediterranean – oysters, seafood, homemade pastas, slow cooked lamb chops, olive oil paired with colors and aromas of local spices and herbs create unforgettable tastes you’ll fall in love with. The isle is packed with traditional restaurants called “Konoba”-s. One of the restaurants with the richest tradition is Marina Lošinjwhere only fresh fish dishes and seafood specialties are served.

The west coast of Lošinj is also a natural habitat for dolphins, and over 100 of them live in the area, which is a significant number, considering that they are endangered species in the Adriatic Sea. There are several one-day excursions by boat available, so it might be a good idea to hop on and enjoy the ride! The boat rides usually begin in the a.m. and you get to visit surrounding heavenly isles and their beaches. Since the isle is an acclaimed health resort, most hotels offer various wellness and spa programs.

If you prefer an active type of vacation in Lošinj you can also take the hiking tour, which takes you around the isle. It is marked very well with many signposts and it is about 12 km long.

The island of Lošinj is fairly small, so there are no large malls available if you intended to go clothes shopping, but there are various cute local shops where you can find souvenirs and some interesting hand-made merchandise. After spending the day in some of the Lošinj’s heavenly beaches, best way to relax is to take a walk to the center of Mali Lošinj. There are several local taverns featuring live music performances, but also many night clubs and café bars. During the summer season, there are many outdoor events organized in the town, so the nightlife will definitely prove to be more than satisfactory!

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