Croatia Travel

Zagreb Tourist Attractions

While the most tourists visit Croatia for its lovely, lengthy shoreline, it’s capital Zagreb also has many touristic attractions to offer.

Best Makarska Riviera Beaches

Makarska is one of the best known touristic destinations on the Adriatic Sea. It is located at the base of the mountain range Biokovo (1762m).

Dubrovnik – the pearl of the Adriatic

During the 16th century Dubrovnik was the European center of naval trade. Considering it had one of the largest trading fleets in the world,

Istra – Popular Tourist Destination

Istra is one of the most visited touristic destinations in Croatia, but also the entire Mediterranean. This peninsula is also known as the “New Toscana” or the “green-blue” region due to the visual merging of the azure crystal clear Adriatic Sea and the untouched nature of the inland.

Best of Losinj

The isle of Lošinj is in the Croatian Kvarner Bay. A long time ago Lošinj was merged with Cres,

Croatia Travel Tips

Croatia has been investing in expanding its accommodation capacities year after year hence the offer is becoming richer and more pleasant for the tourists.