Istra – Popular Tourist Destination

Istra is one of the most visited touristic destinations in Croatia, but also the entire Mediterranean. This peninsula is also known as the “New Toscana” or the “green-blue” region due to the visual merging of the azure crystal clear Adriatic Sea and the untouched nature of the inland. With its diversity, Istra is captivating in each season of the year. In summer you can relax in the shade of the hundred-year old pine trees and enjoy refreshing cocktails on some of the Istra’s beaches, and in the spring and fall you can visit some of the popular spa and wellness centers, the choice is up to you!


Once a small fishing village, Rovinj nowadays is a famous touristic destination, known for its unique beauty. Rovinj is a city of artists and free-spirited people. Similar to most of the cities in Istra region, Rovinj started developing during the rise of Roman Empire. The town truly blossomed during the rise of the Venetian Republic, and there are many forts and castles still standing which witnessed these periods in Rovinj’s history. Old town radiates a unique charm, and even though Rovinj is a top tourist destination, you can feel the impression of old fishing town follows you with each step you take, which is a thing you will hardly find elsewhere. The wide choice of content guarantees that each visitor finds something of their personal preference.


City of Umag is located in the north-western part of Istra, and headlining its touristic offer variety of sports and entertainment content. This isn’t all it has of course, the gastronomic delights and sunny beaches can also be found here. The city gets especially hectic during the tennis tournament ATP Croatia Open Umag – this is the time when the world class tennis is in the spotlight. Additionally, Umag is considered to be the hotspot of Istra’s nightlife, so it is often the choice of young people who are above all looking to have a good time. If you are lucky enough to visit Umag during the ATP Croatia Open – make sure you also visit ATP Party Nights – complemented election of the hostess beauty queen contest!


Pula is the largest city in Istra, well known for numerous cultural and historical landmarks. The most distinct of all definitely is The Pula Arena, on of the biggest amphitheaters of the Roman Empire – many bloody battles took place here in the past, and nowadays it is stage where some of the worlds biggest stars perform their live acts, but also the film festival which also takes place in The Pula Arena. Pula is an urban area packed with museums and art galleries, and you will most likely at least travel through it on your way to dreamy seaside resorts like Umag and Rovinj. Especially interesting experience is walk through the parks of Pula, which are designed in order to reflect the eras from which they originate, hence taking you on a journey through the history of the city in the shades of lush vegetation.

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