Best Makarska Riviera Beaches

Makarska is one of the best known touristic destinations on the Adriatic Sea. It is located at the base of the mountain range Biokovo (1762m). Along the Makarska Riviera steep shoreline entangles with beautiful pebble beaches, which with the mountain Biokovo form an imposing landscape. The mountain is a natural wellspring of numerous creeks and rivers, which with the help of waves helped forming Makarska Riviera beaches. Most of the beaches are pure and untouched, therefore suitable for nudists.

Beaches in Bela Vruja

Brela Vruja region is located on the western borders of Makarska Riviera. This area stretches along several kilometers of the shoreline, and here you can find many popular, larger beaches, but also several smaller, clandestine ones, each one more beautiful than the other. Have in mind that beaches in Bela Vruja have little to no shade, so it is a good idea to take the parasol and sunblock with you! The nearest settlement is fairly far, so if you intend to spend the whole day at some of these beaches, you should bring some food and drinks with you too.

Mala Duba

The Mala Duba beach is a perfect alternative for taking a break from the everyday life, especially if you are with family and little kids. Mala Duba is actually a small town, village, with a stunning sandy beach stretching along it. There is also a special section of the beach which is reserved for nudists. This unique conjunction of land and sea, sounds and scents of nature will enable you to relax and enjoy your vacation. You can spend evening hours walking along the beaches or enjoy the impressive sunset this amazing scenery has to offer.

Nugal Beach

The Nugal beach is located near the village of Tucepi and is well known as a nudist haven. After a hike through the preserved pine forest, you will reach the covert beach, surrounded by high cliffs. The beach is lengthy and covered with smooth pebbles, making it a perfect secretive place, which you can enjoy during the whole summer season.

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