Dubrovnik – the pearl of the Adriatic

During the 16th century Dubrovnik was the European center of naval trade. Considering it had one of the largest trading fleets in the world, it attracted numerous traders and sailors. Thanks to this golden age, Dubrovnik quickly became, and today visitors come to the city not to trade but enjoy its beauties. Nowadays, Dubrovnik is the top touristic destination attracting vast number of tourists during the whole year.

As you approach and look at the red roofs of Dubrovnik’s buildings, fortified walls and the thousand-year-old port tell a story of success. Calm waters of the Adriatic Sea splashing Dubrovnik’s walls are crystal clear, due to the sea currents, specific for the coast of Southern Dalmacija. Lord Byron described Dubrovnik as the pearl of the Adriatic Sea, and its charming beauty and rich history enthused inspired George Bernard Shaw to go a step further and call the city and its surroundings “Heaven on Earth”.

We don’t want to compete with great writers and poets when it comes to praising Dubrovnik, a city that will bring a smile to faces of even the most exhausted visitors. Walk the broad marble paved streets, visit baroque style buildings, discover the city’s rich history intertwined with Roman, Venetian and Byzantine influences.

Dubrovnik lives 365 days a year. Spectacular Easter ceremony takes place in the streets, there are prestigious Dubrovnik Summer Games in July and August, Christmas in old town seems to bring life to each and every stone in this medieval city, as the streets are dotted with smiley people, as the fort silently keeps the watch and the irresistible charm of “the pearl of the Adriatic”.

Clearly, the most interesting and beautiful part of Dubrovnik is the Old Town. Its completely surrounded with medieval wall, taking you back to the ancient times. Main attraction is the hiking route through the heart of the Old Town, which is dotted with aristocratic palaces and beautiful cathedrals. While you walk through the maze of romantic narrow streets you will be impressed not only with imposing historic buildings but also the unique mystic feel that radiates from the ancient stone walls.

There are several entrances to the Old Town. If you are entering from the new, modern Dubrovnik city center, you will walk through the main gate – so called Pile Gate. Besides the main gate, which is located on the western side of the Old Town, there is also the eastern gate, called Ploce Gate. AS you enter from the main gate you will be able to see two dominant fortresses – Mirceta and Bokar.

These two fortresses are the monument of the ancient building technologies used centuries ago, and will stand the test of time for at least another several hundreds of years. In the turbulent past these two towers were a key point for defending the city. You may also recognize these towers as one of the most popular TV shows Game of Thrones used it as the setting for shooting scenes played out in the King’s Landing.

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