Zagreb Tourist Attractions

While the most tourists visit Croatia for its lovely, lengthy shoreline, it’s capital Zagreb also has many touristic attractions to offer. About the fourth of Croatia’s entire population lives in Zagreb, making it a cultural and political hotspot. Most of the Zagreb touristic attractions are located in the strict city center, which is divided in two parts – Upper City and Lower City. The upper city stands on a high plateau and here you can find the Cathedral and the Parliament building, while the lower city is more modern, and contains several museums but also Croatian National Theater. If you decided to visit Zagreb, a good place to start exploring would be the city’s main square – Bane Jelacic – the place where Upper and Lower city meet.

Upper City

Streets paved with cobblestone and the red clay rooftops on the buildings of the upper city make this a perfect place to start your tour of the Croatian capital. The upper city is a merger of two once separate towns – Capitol and Gradec. Today, it is the home for some of the most visited tourist attractions Zagreb – the Cathedral, the Parliament building but also numerous museums and churches you need to visit while in Zagreb. The attraction that stands out in this area is the Church of Saint Marc, which you will easily recognize by its vivid roof, on which you can see the emblems of Croatia, Dalmatia, Slavonia and the city of Zagreb. The church dates all the way back to the 13th century and around it you can see marvelous statues of twelve apostles, Jesus, Saint Marc and Virgin Mary.

The other landmark you mustn’t miss in the upper city is the Cathedral of the Ascent of blessed Virgin Mary, better known as the Zagreb Cathedral. It is built on the spot of the old church destroyed by Tatars tribe in the 13th century. It’s most distinctive features are two beautifully decorated towers.

Lower City

Lower city offers plethora of cultural content, such as museums, art galleries and theaters. The one you definitely mustn’t miss is the Croatian National Theater, built and designed by famous architects from Vienna Herman Helmer and Ferdinand Felner in 1895. This imposing building is located in the Square of Marshals, and is one of the most important landmarks of the lower city. It was built in the neo-baroque style with two small domes in front and one bigger one in the back end of the building, but what it is really famous for is the artistically decorated interior.


Many tourists visiting Zagreb aren’t just interested in sightseeing but also want to go out and experience the nightlife in Croatia’s capital. Luckily, the offer is so diverse so if you are really looking for a party, it won’t take long until you’ve find the perfect club for you. Some of the most renown clubs in Zagreb are: KSET, SPUNK, Aquarius, Močvara, each having their unique style, and featuring various musical genres, from classic rock and jazz, to underground, punk, indie or electronic.

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